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Dear friends, a very warm welcome to the official website of our company. 

Company «APL Alexander Promotions Ltd» - is the company that vary substantially from others by its nature and uniqueness! The awareness in real estate market, and as well as the detailed funding and taxation support, professionalism of the employees and enormous reputation primarily paying attention to customer’s needs ultimately  distinguishes us from a number of competitors in this sphere.

In addition, the distinctiveness and the competitive advantage of the company "APL Alexander Promotions Ltd" lies principally in two distinct areas:
• Real estate «APL Alexander Promotions Ltd» and
• Developer «APL Developments Ltd». 


What is the purpose of APL Developments Ltd in short and long terms?

Once again our real estate development company is fundamentally different from all other projects primarily in enhancing the competitiveness and attractiveness of the company as a whole. This is facilitated by a number of assumptions and reasons:

• We mainly build luxury houses, apartments and villas with modern, expensive and quality material, well known brands, as well as using contemporary technologies (thermal and sound insulation, brick, double glazing, solar panels for water heating and electricity generation). At the same time, the cost is already integrated of a large package of preferences; such as the heating and air conditioning, security system, Internet technology, domestic appliances, sauna, etc.).

• We also develop and implement a variety of individual designs and styles, embody the clients' ideas into reality, building the villas of your dreams with the help of our professional architects and interior and designers.

Why APL Alexander Promotions services are important to our customers?

First of all, a wide range of properties and new developments

• The customer is not restricted to real estate developer solely, but has the opportunity to select either a house or flat in both the primary and secondary real estate market niche. We also carry out a careful and detailed market analysis for real estate from well known constructors as well as from private individuals, taking into consideration primarily for quality and legal aspect. In addition, we work in partnership with a number of reliable construction companies on the Island.

• Secondly, having cooperated with our company, you will benefit a variety of related services. Mainly our clients receive efficient and professional assistance from the time of viewing the property prior to settling into his/her house and adaptation in Cyprus as a whole.

• The staff pay enormous attention to safety and security systems
• It is vitally important to note that, we offer a comprehensive management property services as our staff are trained to a highest standard whether that relate technical or administrative aspects.

• It is also worth to mention that our employees can communicate at all levels in Greek, English and Russian languages.

• By renting your house or flat it will enable you to profit from your property from the date you will buy it.

• To support in obtaining approval of the Council of Ministers of Cyprus to purchase housing.

• As well as visa, residence permit (permanent residence permit), receiving Cypriot driver's license.

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